Bliss - The Book

ISBN: 978-0982937709
Authors: Tracy Bowen and Jenness Walker

When the universe lets you down, it's time to go over its head.

Following the stars, Indie Moore sets off to find ultimate happiness in South Florida. But in her quest for comfort and fortune, she encounters mishap and mayhem. She finds a home in a trailer park, a job scrubbing toilets, and a moody roommate—not quite the glamorous world she’d envisioned for herself. But maybe bliss looks a little different than she’d thought. Laugh and cry with Indie, the Miss Adventure of misadventure, as she blunders on land, by sea, and in church, seeking love and a sense of belonging...seeking true Bliss.

Bliss is a light-hearted novel about finding yourself and finding God. And maybe a quirky neighbor and cute boat captain along the way. Published by Written World Communications.

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