You have reached the brand-spankin' new blog of Tracy Bowen and Jenness Walker. We're so glad you're here! Why Mind Chocolate? Let us explain.

1. We couldn't come up with a clever, easy to remember, easily identifiable website address for our writing partnership, so we're tandjbooks. But...that's a little boring. Admit it. So we wanted to give our blog a title. Tracy came up with Mind Chocolate. Jenness liked it. End of story.

2. Well, not completely the end. We wanted to choose something that reflected our writing. Chocolate suggests something fun, something comforting, something that helps improve your mood so that when you face the world again, you do it with a new perspective.

That's what we want to do. Have fun. Make you laugh. Talk about books. Talk about life. Talk about God.

So welcome to Mind Chocolate. Pull up a chair and stay awhile. Maybe grab a Bliss bar while you're at it.


CharleneOwensMomof2 said...

I'm shocked Tracy would come up with something (anything) about chocolate. :))

Love you both!

Lisa Jordan said...

LOVE It! Nice and bright. Looks like a great place to hang out...especially if chocolate is involved.

Catherine West said...

Chocolate always works. :0) Love the look and feel of the new blog. So proud of all the hard work Tracy is...oh...I mean...Tracy and Jenness, are doing!!
Love you guys!!!

Ava Pennington said...

Looking forward to your posts. Great blog design!

Faith said...

Love the blog name!

Audra Marie said...

Now I NEED chocolate! ;)

Holly said...

Cute blog name, and welcome! I'm excited for y'all!

I couldn't help but notice your good taste in blog designs. (Check out mine and you'll see why...lol!)

Congratulations on "Bliss"! May it keep working its way up the ranks!

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