I'm having a hard time believing it's halfway through January already. Seriously? Between sickness, travel, company, proposals (the book kind), work, and whatever else, the new year has not gotten off to a good blogging start.

However...we have a new addition to our writing family. I'd like to introduce *Willis, my new laptop. So far we're getting along great. I miss the scrollbar thing on my touchpad, but just about everything else is wonderful so far. My husband chooses well. :-) Hyacinth is sticking around--don't worry about her. (Because, yes, I can hear the gasp of concern from our vast crowd of readers...Creepy, eh? :-) )

Anyway. Happy 2011! Hope it's going well for you! Tracy and I are planning for an interesting and busy year. We're wrapping up a proposal right now and are waiting to hear back on others. But you don't really care about all of that. Deep inside, you're longing for me to shut up and announce who one that free copy of Bliss last year. (See? I totally know what you're thinking. Those web-cam things are amazing...)

So, the lucky winner is...




Please email your snail mail addy to fiction at tandjbooks dot com.

Thank you all for commenting! Stay tuned on Thursday for an interview with none other than Susan May Warren!

P.S. I was kidding about the web cam thing--I cannot see you or hear you or read your mind. I know you were concerned.

*Still trying out names. Willis may only be temporary.


Jessica said...

Yay! Can't wait. Thanks! =) (Dancing a happy jig....)

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