Best Roadtrip(s) Ever

As you probably know, it's almost summer. Which makes me think of watermelon, cookouts, reading in the sun, extra projects, and roadtrips. Oh, and Bliss, too, because it's such a good beach read. :-) We'll be talking about a contest in June for Bliss, but for now, let's talk roadtrip memories! Here are some of mine.

1. The summer after seventh grade, my parents bought an RV, and our family took a trip out West for the summer. Lots of memories from this--mostly of mishaps, like having to stop alongside the road in Kansas--repeatedly--because the wind would unravel the awning from the side of the RV. Or getting so badly sunburnt from tubing down the Wisconsin River, that when we went to the Mall of America the following day, my father was in a wheelchair. lol. But there were some great moments. Singing Zoe--yeah, you've never heard of them, have you?--at the top of our lungs, watching The Lion King a million times on the road, the buffalo wandering a few feet away from us in Yellowstone Park, and so much more.

2. Running across Bell Buckle, TN. How fun! Loved that place, with its one row of great shops, and drinking from old-fashioned Coke bottles.

3. Abbeville, SC, with it's cemetery with long epitaphs about Civil War soldiers, watching a hysterical play at the old Opera House, hanging out in the town square, and eating cheesecake in Abbey's Alley while an elderly man played the saxaphone by flickering lantern light.

4. Accidentally running across a historic site of an old Moravian village or something like that. It was practically deserted, but so picturesque and peaceful. 

5. Dunnellin, FL. What a cute town! Antique shops and restaurants in old houses. The Front Porch restaurant with its amazing chocolate meringue pie! I could live there, I think. (The town, not the restaurant. Although...maybe.) 

Okay, I could keep going and talk about the Italian restaurant Papa Pia's in Memphis, or standing on the pedestrian bridge and listening to live music from one of the nearby restaurants in Chattanooga, or the bed and breakfast that had a pet pig called Esmerelda, or being invited to a random rehearsal dinner party at a hotel where we were staying ("because no one knows each other anyway!"), or...

Fine. I'll stop. Now it's your turn! What are some fun or disastrous memories you have from past roadtrips?

~ Jenness 


Melanie said...

I have actually never been on any big road trips, but I would LOVE to!!!!! :) A friend of mine just graduated and he drove from TN all the way out to CA. I looked at ALL of his pictures and thought about how fun that would be.

So nice to 'meet' you today!


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