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Last week, our publisher emailed us to let us know we a contest Tracy and I hadn't even known we entered! Written World Communications submitted Bliss to the 2011 Next Generation Indie Book Awards. Bliss was a finalist in the humor category (see below), and the awards will be presented in New York! Another book from WWC placed first in the religious category. Congrats to Caron, and to WWC! Click here for a full list of finalists.   


  • Buffalo Unbound, by Laura Pedersen (Fulcrum Publishing) (ISBN 978-1555917357)
  • Bliss, by Tracy Bowen & Jenness Walker (Written World Communications) (ISBN 978-0982937709)
  • Cascade Chaos: Or How Not to Put Your Grizzly in the Statehouse, by William Slusher (Country Messenger Press Publishing Group, LLC) (ISBN 978-0961940751)
  • Journey to Virginland: Epistle 1, by Armen Melikian (Two Harbors Press) (ISBN 978-1935097518)
  • Laughter: The Drug of Choice, by Nicholas Hoesl (LaughterDoc Publications) (ISBN 978-0615437354)
  • Once More Into The Breach: A Personal Account: Reliving the History of the Civil War, by Mark Brian Swart (Outskirts Press) (ISBN 978-1432763862)


Ava Pennington said...

So happy your work is being recognized!

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