It's been a long time since I've visited this part of Blogland. If you want to get caught up on some writing-related ramblings, check out The Ponderers' site. If you prefer short bursts of communication (like me), Tracy and I are both on Facebook and Twitter. And, as for the Tracy and Jenness team...well, there's a lot of exciting stuff happening! I'll try to give you some of the scoop in a nutshell.

1. A website is in the works! We're pretty excited about it. It's going to be fun, and is going to be designed by the amazing Jason Walker of Website Ministries fame. We're on his waiting list. Yes, he's my husband, and I still have to get in line. Figures. ;-) The design concept has been discussed, though, and it's going to be great.

2. Yes, we have been writing. Just not on here. :-) One fun project is the Bloomfield series. Nine authors are collaborating to write a series of books, novellas, short stories, ebooks, and more, based on a ficitious small town in Mid-America. Bloomfield has an active garden club, numerous quirky characters, and a lot of romance--must be due to the gorgeous roses blooming everywhere! The first book is written by Gail Sattler and it releases this fall. Think you can guess which characters were our brainchildren? Check it out here.

3. I got a dog. Yes, I know. He's worthy of a blog himself. Maybe sometime we'll interview Watson on here. I'm sure he'll have plenty of juicy stories to tell...although he'll probably chase moths instead.

4. Tracy is graduating!!!!!!!!!!! No picture for that one yet, but she's been working so hard over the last year to earn her college diploma. And soon she'll get to wear that beloved hat and gown and take a stroll down the aisle. So proud of my amazing co-author!

5. Bliss is available for $2.99! Yes, you read that right. Get it on the Kindle (or the Nook, I believe) for only $2.99. And you don't have to even have a Kindle--you can download a free app for the your computer or whatever and read it there! (The print version is also still available online.) Oh, and if you've read it and liked it, would you consider posting a review online and/or recommending it to your friends? We'd love for more people to know about Indie and the rest of the gang!

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