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...That you can still get Bliss for 2.99 on the Kindle and the Nook?!!!!!

Here's what reviewer Michelle Sutton thought about it:

Bliss was a cute story with a serious funny bone at its core. The heroine was snarky, but in an endearing way. Sort of like a combination of Kristin Billerbeck and Jenny B. Jones. I loved the humor in this story and laughed out loud so many times I lost count. Indie was a great character and very real.

Her mother reminded me of a few of my friends' mothers when I was in high school. She had that whole flower child thing going and since my friends had flaky moms none of them knew much about church or faith either. I found Indie's search for Bliss endearing and her spiritual journey well done. I loved how she saw a difference in her new friends and how she decided that she needed to find her own way to truth and no longer follow her mother's training. That was great. I also loved the whole relationship with Nick. He was a great guy and Indie was lucky to have such an attentive male friend.

I would love to see a second book in this series. The heat was just starting to pick up with Indie and Nick. I want more! I want to see her roommate make a few changes in her perspective and to crave the same faith that Indie found. The characters seemed like real people to me, and the humor in the story was quite addicting. Great read!

So if you haven't read it yet, now's a great time to buy! And...if you did read it and liked it...would you consider posting a review, mentioning it on Facebook or Twitter, or somehow spread the word? You would have our everlasting gratitude! :-)


Ava Pennington said...

I posted a review on Amazon - sorry it took so long!

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